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29 Warning Signs of Twitter Addiction

Guest article by Venkat.
Are you addicted to Twitter? Twitter is the popular micro blogging platform which allows you to send messages (tweets) to your friends, relatives and followers.You can send tweets to your followers with text upto 140 characters. As Twitter has got really popular, there are people spending all day over twitter with signs of twitter addiction.

You are warned that you are addicted to Twitter when


1. Get excited when some one follows you on Twitter.
2. Feel the end of the world when twitter gets an outage.
3. Send @ and RT in messages to your friends in emails.
4. Beg your blog readers to follow you on twitter, then beg your Twitter followers to Retweet the tweet.
5. Post more tweets than blog posts, and turn from full time blogger to full time tweeter.
6. Spend all day on twitter giving yourself the excuse that you are doing great service to your followers, and bunk going to office.
7. Tweet on Twitter more than doingoffice work.
8. Feel over the Moon and on top of the world when some one retweets your tweet
9. Keep searching for your twitter nameand your tweets in real time twitter search.
10. Keep refreshing the twitter page every second for new tweets.
11. Include your twitter profile in your Gmail signature instead of your blog
12. Print your twitter id on business cards.
13. Set Twitter as your browser home page.
14. Add notice in front of office door – “I am on Twitter, Dont disturb”.
15. Use more than 5 twitter clients.
16. Add your twitter name to Google alerts to know what others are speaking about you.
17. Blog more about twitter applications.
18. Add your status message as “Follow me on twitter” to Gtalk and yahoo messenger
19. Use Twoogle to search in Google and Twitter.
20. Keep urging your family members to get a twitter account.
21. Follow lot of people on #FollowFriday
22. Introduce yourself to new persons more as a tweeter than as a businessman.
23. Go crazy about twitter and advertise on news papers, TV and distribute pamphlets to follow you on twitter.
24. Ask your bosses wife to follow you on twitter!
25. Add your twitter id to the nameplate of your house.
26. Keep sending SMS to all your friends to follow you on twitter.
27. Ask questions about Twitter rather than job related queries during interviews.
28. Threaten your wife to get a twitter account and follow you, or warn her of divorce
29. Only wear dresses with twitter logos.

Dah habis baca dah? Hehe. Kite terasalah hoi!

*Jangan tanya kenapa orang tuh makin kurus sekarang*

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